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Marketing a Book #6 – A First Author Interview in Print

Marketing a Book #6 – A First Author Interview in Print

I was excited, and just a bit nervous to see the interview article in print. How would the photo of me holding my book look? Would the sense of the interview be reflected in the text? Those questions and others were answered this past Friday (May 8) when my first author interview appeared in our local newspaper, the Flamborough Review. FlamboroughReviewThe photograph was fine, and the published interview was fairly written and of reasonable quality. Over the years, my editorial eye is often cast on text as I read, so when I say reasonable, it is in the context of my editing methodology. It is quite an experience to be the subject of someone else’s writing and editing.

I’m still living the life of the début author, virtually unknown as a writer, with no established readership. This interview was guaranteed to happen since local authors are always interviewed. The interview was conducted at a local coffee house in Waterdown, Ontario about four weeks ago and finally appeared in print. A link to the article appears below.waterdown-ontario-historic-core-area-resize1[1]

Waterdown is the largest town in Flamborough, but it is still a village in style. Most of the rural residents of Flamborough receive a copy of the Review gratis, along with lots of local advertising. They are full of information about what’s on sale at stores in the area and lots of coupons for the food markets. Everyone else needs to purchase a copy if they want one. The paper has a circulation of 10000+. It is impossible to know what proportion of its readers actually read the paper from front to back.Waterdown's_Pub_The_Royal_Coachman[1]

If you have been following these blogs on marketing a book, or have just chanced upon this post, I hope you will click on the link at the end of this post and read the actual article. I would appreciate any comments you might have regarding it. .

I’m thankful for having had two opportunities to be interviewed. This recent article, like the Cable 14 television interview, reaches only limited numbers of people. However, even though the audience is limited, each opportunity gave me the chance to experience an interview based on questions generated by others. It is interesting to hear what interviewers choose to ask, and equally interesting to answer each question sincerely.

shoutingSince I act as my own agent, I continue attempting to generate additional interview opportunities and look for ways to present myself to the public. Currently, I’m working a few more angles to land interviews and a few public speaking opportunities (that’s the literary agent persona speaking), while the author persona tends to shy away from aggressively seeking publicity.

Kermit the Frog says it best, “It’s not easy being green… ” In my case, it’s not easy being a “green” author with no public profile and as yet, undiscovered by his audience.

The interview can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/qzxhud6. Let me know what you think of the published interview in the comment space below. If you have had a similar early interview experience, I’d like to hear about it too.

As always, your faithful blogger,

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