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Writing Fiction – More than a year has passed

More than a year has gone by since I began writing my first novel. I’m 47 Chapters and 68800 words into it, and I’ve learned a lot about writing fiction in the process. There have been some breaks in the writing process here and there, as I have taken two fiction writing courses on-line. They were useful at the time since each provided me with a useful framework for writing fiction.

My progress is hampered by an uncontrollable urge to edit my work. Not a good thing because it breaks the flow of writing. On the other hand, by constantly reviewing my work I have become more in tune with my characters, their needs as people in my fictional world, and how the interact and respond to that world.

I once wrote that I make use of technical supports available on-line. The big three for me are, Grammarly, NaturalReader, and now AutoCrit. These are essential supports which compensate for a moderate form of dyslexia. Without these tools I could never hope to produce anything of merit. These are useful tools for any writer.

The greatest insight into writing fiction to date is that technique is important, but without creativity there is no story. Although the support services promote good technique, more critically, the promote good rewriting and attention to structure and flow.

I need to get back to my manuscript now, so I’ll end this short post. More to follow.

L. A. Weiss

My first work, a work of non-fiction is  Through a Lens of Emptiness  

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