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finally . . the submission

The final stages of the approval process have been completed, including the marketing text for the cover.  All the edits have been approved and the marketing text has passed muster. The only stages of the process remaining include a properly structure final submission, approval of a cover design, the scrutiny of a proof reader, professional indexing and final approval of the finished book.  In order to submit the manuscript for layout in book form (eBook and print format), it must be packaged properly.

A manuscript is composed on pages that are 8.5 x 11 inches, but a book is published in various formats. The print version of my book will be 6 x 9 inches. To complicate matters further, the margins of a manuscript are not the margin dimensions of a finished book. The individual charged with formatting a book for publication requires some freedom to prepare the book layout. My submission will consist of  two folders; one folder contains a single clean copy of the manuscript and a second folder which contains a separate file for each graphic or photograph to be included in the text.  All photographs and graphics, should their be any, are cut from the manuscript and a place holder is inserted to indicate where each belongs.

My manuscript also includes some tables and text boxes. I was given the option of formatting them myself or having it done by the layout pro. I have opted to have them formatted for placement by the layout pro because I am certain to make a hash of it. After all the work and expense of getting to this point,  a highly professional looking finished product is the only possible outcome for the author.

The cover design is another matter which I have turned over to the pros. They will do their best to come up with a cover design that is attractive and appealing, and I simply have to approve it. Throughout this process I have taken my lead from the experts. I am a writer, not a layout expert. When you choose to self publish and pay for a package deal, the expertise of the publisher is what you paid for so you should exploit it to the max. Tomorrow, when I click the send button on an email that has my files attached in submission format, I do so with confidence and certainly a degree of excitement.

The next phase of the process is up to me. There are lots of books for people to chose from in this world and no book sells itself. Unless you already have a public profile of some note, the first time author is an unknown entity in a very crowded and competitive space.  I have written for a target audience and I need to reach out to them. My next post will discuss marketing planning and structuring an Author platform.

Until the next post I remain your faithful blogger . . .

L Alan Weiss (Larry) 

Soon to be published author of Through a Lens of Emptiness

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Working with an e-publisher continued

It has been an age since I posted, and I can tell you it has everything to do with working up a manuscript. The focus required to complete the tasks related to producing a manuscript for publication preclude spending time writing anything else; not tweets, not blog posts, not even emails.

The content edit (a line by line edit which edits grammar, form and structure) was returned to me a few weeks ago while on vacation in Europe, so it just had to wait until I returned to address it. The only bits remaining for revision were some insertions and corrections that only the author can write or make decisions about. The editorial group at the publisher are excellent at responding to my questions and providing clear guidance as needed in this phase of the editing process. The soon to be completed revisions will then to be shipped back  to the editorial staff for one last look-see, re: the changes that have been introduced recently.

I have continued to follow the guidance of the editor, subverting any ego that might interfere with the process. In fact, if the author still has an ego remaining after the editorial process, then they have a problem.  By now, one’s ego should have been replaced with enhanced self esteem as his work has become more and more refined through the process.

One must  remain circumspect and objective as he continues to work through the editing process. I, once again, highly recommend using a first rate text to voice translator so that you can listen to your own words. Your work becomes like a talking book and you can distance yourself sufficiently in order to remain objective.

I have enjoyed this little foray back into the world of blogging and have a series of ideas to present based on observations made during my recent Grand Tour of parts of Western Europe.

Until next post…. DSCN0568 Carnac 2014-08-06

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