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How did this journey begin?

This site documents a journey that has implications for each and every one of us, because if you lose your memories you lose your SELF, and if you lose your SELF, then all is lost. Viewing a painting by Anselm Kiefer titled “Everyone Stands Under His Own Dome of Heaven” initiated the thoughts that will play out on these pages. I hope others will join in the conversation and reflect on exactly what they see as their own Dome of Heaven.

Our experiences and the memories they generate become an integral part of our Dome of Heaven. Thus, our DOH (Dome of Heaven) encapsulates the SELF that we are at any point in our lives. Our DOH should expand as we age, and hopefully become filled with all that has shaped who we are. I believe it is important to develop a clearly defined image of our DOH, so nothing can diminish it, therefore nothing can diminish our SELF.

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L. Alan Weiss – Author – Through a lens of Emptiness: Reflections on Life, Longevity and Contentment

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Here’s something to think about. Do you have a concept of the Dome of Heaven of which I write? Kiefer’s painting and an associated description can be found at Have a look and see what you think? What do you think Carl Jung would have to say about this work? Please comment…..

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