* L Alan Weiss(Larry), is a retired Special Education specialist. Until 1977 he pursued a career in Biology and Medical Biophysics. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology and Education. He lives by the credo and believes fervently, that those who can teach should teach, and those who cannot teach need to be content with doing.

Larry lives in the small village community of Carlisle, Ontario with his wife of more than 45 years. Carlisle,  although part of greater Hamilton, is more accurately identified as being within the lands of the Niagara Escarpment. He enjoys cycling the country roads near his home, the peace and tranquility of the garden, and playing the piano. He and his wife have two children married to wonderful partners, and three grandchildren, of whom the are very proud.

Larry was born and grew up in Philadelphia, where he attended Temple University. Since 1968 he has lived in Canada, and became a Canadian citizen 1974. After arriving in Canada, he attended universities in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. Most of his teaching career was spent heading departments of Computer Science, Science, and Special Education, in high schools in Ontario and British Columbia.

Since retiring, his continued interests in how the brain learns, remembers, and compensates for changes that occur relative to the aging process, has led him to begin writing about those areas through this WordPress blog. His first book,  Through a Lens of Emptiness, is an everyman’s “Guide to the Perplexed,” will be released soon.

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