What A Difference 33 Months Can Make

I started to review my blog posts and was horrified at what I saw; not by the content, but by the technical aspects of the writing. After several rewrites of a manuscript containing approximately 66000 words, extensive editing and finding the correct technology to support my dyslexia, I read my posts with eyes and brain wide open. There is nothing like 33 months of writing and rewriting to sharpen one’s editing skills.

The only encouraging finding is that grammar and word usage have improved with time. Nevertheless, many of my blogs were written on the fly, thus proving once again that haste makes waste. The waste in this instance is the waste of the power of language. The upshot of all this introspection is an overwhelming urge to edit all previous blog posts. I may even consider deleting a few of them.

Its time to get to work, so if you will please excuse the brevity of this post, I have some ‘fixing’ to do.

L. Alan Weiss – author of Through a Lens of Emptiness

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