Starting at the Bottom of the Mountain – Engaging in the Developmental Process

The developmental editing process is about to begin. I do not mind saying that I enter into this arrangement with high hopes and a bit of skepticism, the hopeful me outweighing the skeptical me. My interaction with the individual who will advise and lead me through the development process has given me reason to be hopeful.

After receiving my first evaluation, I received an email from a consultant who would review the content of the evaluation report. He invested more than an hour in our conversation, which surprised the skeptical me. During our conversation I received encouragement and support for my efforts so far. His suggestions were insightful, practical, and sensible. The quality of our conversation suggested there would be a benefit to working through the development process with this individual.

I followed up our conversation with an email, in which I suggested some modification to the working title of the manuscript and the guiding concepts of my book to be. His response exceeded my expectations yet again. Not only was there evidence of significant reflection on my suggestions, but he went so far as make some useful suggestions, and impart a small but meaningful lesson on style. He may not perceive his comment as a mini lesson, but it caused me to look at my writing from a different perspective. Keep in mind, that I have not committed to paying for services related to developmental editing at this point, so there is no expectation of a commitment on my part. If his manner and depth of response to my suggestions are any indication of type of person he is to work with, then the relationship of writer to editor is certain to be a fruitful one.

In my next post, I plan to outline the development process as I understand it.

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