Transcendence and our DOH

Before I continue examining the idea of discovering and enhancing our dome of heaven, I need to reflect on an email I received. I will not name the sender except with the first initial of their first name “K”.

K thoughtfully suggests that our DOH is the transcendence of self. She went on to state that the self is culturally constructed, which of course is true, hence she reminds us that there is no self without interactions outside of ourselves. Without cultural and social interactions one aspect of self, the actual self, will never form. The other element of self, the corporal self always exists. The true reflection of body/being, or as I might put it, the actual self/corporal self, exists only in the moment, rather than over time. Our memories are an accumulation of those moments. If as K suggests, our DOH is the transcendence of self, which may well be the correct way to look at the concept, then the accumulation of self beneath our DOH, provides the opportunity for transcendence.

I believe that to transcend the self, requires us to know the self intimately. Our Dome of Heaven is exactly the place to stand back and look at a lifetime in perspective.

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